Provider tutorials (23)

Provider Workflow Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Overview of the Provider Workflow

Watch this on-demand webinar for an overview of the provider workflow and best practices for charting a patient visit.

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2016 Meaningful Use Dashboard

Learn how to set up and keep track of the newly updated criteria with your Meaningful Use and CQMs dashboard.


Seamlessly transfer faxes from Updox into Practice Fusion

Learn how to use Updox to receive electronic faxes inbound into your Practice Fusion EHR.

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Quickly create customized charting templates

Learn how to create and edit templates to chart patient encounters quickly and consistently.

ICD-10 Video

Transition seamlessly from ICD-9 to ICD-10 with Practice Fusion

Learn how to easily make the October 1st transition to ICD-10 as seamless as possible with this clinical, ordering and billing overview.

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Scheduling appointments and running eligibility checks

Learn how to schedule your patient appointments and check their eligibility when they arrive in the office.

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Quickly create visit superbills with ICD-10 codes

Learn how to create, code with ICD-10 and transmit your post-encounter superbills.

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Quickly fill patient’s medications with e-prescribing

Learn to send e-prescriptions in the new EHR.

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Easily track vital and lab trends with flowsheets

Learn how to chart vitals and track lab results directly in a patient's flowsheet.

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Save time with eprior authorizations for prescriptions

Learn how to quickly receive and submit ePrior Authorizations for e-prescriptions.

Patient Intake v.1

Collect info quickly with patient intake forms

Learn how to create, customize and send patient intake (online check-in) forms.

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Save time and money with electronic lab ordering

Learn how to order lab tests from Practice Fusion's integrated lab partners and create specimen labels.

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Adding and importing patients

Learn how to add or import patients in your EHR.

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Manage and upload patient documents

Learn how to manage documents in the new EHR.

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Charting a patient’s encounter

Learn how to chart a patient encounter and use customized templates in the new EHR.

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Sending referrals

Learn how to send and receive referrals and responses in the new EHR.

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Scheduling and managing appointments

Learn how to manage your schedule in the new EHR.

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Seamlessly receive lab and imaging results

Learn how to manage lab and image results in your EHR.

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Adding payers and patient insurance

Learn how to customize your payer list and add patient insurance.

practice dashboard

Provider Basics Guide

Get started with the basics of Practice Fusion with our easy-to-learn video tutorials.

template library

Provider quick start guide

This quick start guide will introduce you to the basics of our EHR so that your entire practice can get up and running with Practice Fusion today.

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Send and receive internal and external messages

Learn how to communicate with your patients, practice staff, and provider network in one unified inbox.

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Manage your practice by adding your staff

Learn how to add or remove users in the new EHR.